a review of my first live reading

This afternoon on my lunch break, I did a Skype reading.  It was my first live reading for a stranger.


I used to lead worship in Sunday morning church services, so actually, I’ve been “over” stage fright for a very long time.  But it all came back to me!

First, here’s what went perfectly: the technical stuff!

My newish Windows tablet worked!  I mean of course it worked, but I was a bit apprehensive about using a new device rather than something I was familiar with.  But there aren’t a lot of options when I’m giving tarot readings on my lunch break at work.  (Wow, I’m nuts haha)

Also my Bluetooth speaker/mic worked!  I had my gaming headset for backup, but didn’t need it.  That would have felt silly.  I mean, when I put those headphones on I am ready to blow shit up, not have a woo session.

Oh and, I had to share data from my phone to make the call because the building wifi didn’t reach into the abandoned office I’d locked myself into.  Good thing I have an unlimited data plan.

I was going to record the call so I could look back over it, but forgot.  Oh well.

Ok, the cards.  I did a basic spread since she didn’t have any particular questions:



1. You, now: Queen of Swords
2. Past: Eight of Pentacles
3. Future: Nine of Wands
4. Above: Ace of Swords
5. Below: Five of Pentacles

Then a bonus parting shot: Five of Cups (oops! haha)

All in all, nice and simple, no “scary” cards or anything I struggled to make sense of.

I stumbled a bit on the 9wands; I still tend to mix up Wands/Fire and Swords/Air, and being nervous made me completely forget for a moment, then catch myself, which was awkward.  (Awkward for me; this was the client’s first reading so I doubt she noticed anything.)

Also, it was important to me that I not use any notes or cram right before the reading!  I did go over the major arcana last night; since I don’t do a proper spread very often, I wanted to make sure I had those big ideas well fixed in my mind.  (I’m getting close to having them memorized in order.  Goin’ pro here folks.)  If I do this again (who am I kidding, that was rad, I’m totally doing it again) I’d want one note next to me:


Also– and I didn’t expect this– I had a tough time knowing what to say out loud versus what to simply think to myself.  I didn’t just want to blather on about “ohh look, you’ve got an eight in your past and a nine in your future” when she doesn’t know the significance.  Or, if I do (I did) make sure to interpret it out loud (don’t think I did that so well).

Now I’m thinking my mistake was that I didn’t just sit and look quietly after I laid it all out, and/or I didn’t pause to take notes.  I guess I didn’t want to just sit there not saying anything, especially since she couldn’t look at the cards, she was just stuck looking at my face.

Oh right, one technical difficulty.  I had planned to switch to the rear camera so she could take a screenshot of the cards and then we could both look at them at the same time.  I checked my settings and thought I’d be able to do it– but it didn’t work.  Plan B worked fine (hold up the card when I’m talking about it) but I want the client to look at the cards too, so I’ll get that dealt with before the next time.  I think I know how I’ll handle it.

Also, and this was something I did expect: I was wiped.out.  I knew that four or five cards was absolutely my limit, and then on a whim, I pulled the sixth card as a “last word” when I was wrapping up the reading.  I had already explained the significance of the lack of cups in her reading, so when I pulled the Five of Cups, I said, “Oh no!  There’s your cups!  That isn’t very nice, I’m sorry!”  At least it wasn’t Death; I would have burst out laughing if that happened…  I expect those kinds of shenanigans from Mystic Meg, not from RWS!

Finally, the time.  I had planned for 20-30 minutes, which was basically my lunch break with wiggle room for video/audio quirks.  It was 30 minutes exactly, which was a surprise to me.  I have no idea what took 30 minutes, it was over in a blink.

Yeah, I’m still wiped.

One very nice thing was the Queen of Swords as the client just popping up as her signifier even though I didn’t intend it to work out that way.  I started the reading saying something like, “What a nice card to start out with” and explained how the card signified a person who had achieved mastery over her topic, and not just mastery, but being in a position where she’s sharing her knowledge.  Then I explained how the Eight of Pentacles showed a lot of hard work and dedication, and finally reaping rewards from all that investment.  Also, “Are you a teacher?” I asked.  She said she’s finishing up a doctoral program and yes, she teaches.  Also she just received her first award for her research.


I’ll end on that!  Very, very happy about how it went.

Well, one question: how do you not act surprised and impressed when the cards are just so spot on?  I mean, that’s the point!  But it still amazes me.

a review of my first live reading

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