About the blog and the author

Goomaly is my fake internet name. It’s pronounced “Emily.”

I go by “Kali” over at the Alternative Tarot Network.

The blog is called “No Tarot”, as in:

No, I don’t believe in gods or magic or powers or tarot.
No, to anything else I want to say no to,
and yes to everything else.
No is my word of power;
no is the word that creates me every morning:
“let there be no”
and it was good.


One thought on “About the blog and the author

  1. “….. don’t intend to research any card meanings yet. I’ll be approaching the cards without tarot books, just my imagination and intuition. I’m not here to memorize symbols; I’m here to get to know myself.”

    THIS, my friend, is what has caused me to follow your blog! Boom! I like your style!

    Carry on! 🙂


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