five of swords

I was feeling extra down at work today.  I’ve macguivered my desk into a standing workstation, but that, plus bad weather, plus a rough workout was making me really really achy; so I finally scooted a few things over and was able to sit and work without too much trouble. But then I was feeling down and achy and lazy, so I decided to take a few minutes to visit some tarot and see what there was to see.  No deck on hand so I used the Llewellyn site. five of swords Here was my train of thought.

Four of wands… huh.  True.  Good point.

Ten of Cups!  How nice!  Thanks for that, Llewellyn.

Five of Swords?  How…. how dare you?! I’VE GOT FIVE SWORDS RIGHT HERE

And yeah Lady Deathstrike has more like ten swords?

But that perked me up for the day.

five of swords