Mystery deck from a used bookstore

It took a fair amount of Google Image searching, but I finally figured out what I just bought.


Who is Mystic Meg?  No fucking clue!

I was at a used bookstore (looking for Tanith Lee books, if you must know) and saw a fair amount of tarot decks. I really liked the Merlin deck, but the minor arcana were under-illustrated and … I don’t know, they didn’t seem to match the rest of the deck.  So I ended up with a nice purple-backed deck, no box, no nothing, just with a paper strip to hold them together, in a ziplock sandwich bag. Speaking of sandwiches, the cards were a little bit tacky and stuck together, but they sobered up when I got them home and started flexing them. Good thing too, I was wondering how to clean them… windex?

The pips are unillustrated, and the suits are elements rather than traditional tarot suits: birds for swords (suit of air), trees for pentacles (suit of earth), etc.  Also, a few majors have changed names to make the deck more friendly (I guess).  Does anyone ever change the names to make them more unfriendly?

Let’s do one of them fancy deck interviews.

Mystic Meg

(I took that photo outside. Here’s the rest of the scene.)


Whoever Mystic Meg is, she’s ready to feed some chicks and murder some gophers.

1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
Six of Air. (I love the birds; they match my traditional sparrow tattoo.)

To me, the Six of Swords means escape as an attempt to solve a problem. In other words, it’s the panic before you go back and deal with it. I think this deck might be a bit flighty. No pun intended.

2. What are your strengths as a deck?
Four of Fire. Alternatively, Four of Strawberry Ice Cream. Or Cotton Candy. Four of Deliciousness.

The four torches make me think of juggling; and four of them would be a pretty big challenge. Since it goes to ten, though, the card suggests that things are working out, keep at it. Sounds like this deck can persevere.

3. What are your limits as a deck?
Nine of Air. Anxiety. I don’t think this deck can deal with any serious issues; it’ll get stressed out easily and overreact.

4. What do you bring to the table — what are you here to teach me?
Lovers. God damn, Mystic Meg, you’re nominating yourself to be my love deck? Bold. Especially after saying you’re not dealing with serious issues.

5. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?
Ten of Water. Oh, you want me to be mature? Do deck interviews always go like this?

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Water Princess. Aha. The Page of Cups You know, this doesn’t really surprise me. This deck is weird and irreverent in the same way I am– and seems to have similar weaknesses.

I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with this deck.

Mystery deck from a used bookstore

daily draw

How can I make new friends?
The Chariot

Where should I start?
The Lovers
Back to the beginning.

What should I not do?
Ace of Pentacles
I shouldn’t start somewhere new.

Huh.  Interesting.

daily draw

this week

Let’s do a super simple “this week” reading!

Todays theme will be “this week in bitchery”.

Four of Swords: BITCH RELAX

Ace of Swords: BITCH GET TO WORK

The Hanged Man: Fate got you here, and maybe it’s sorta lame, but you can still be a bitchin rock star

Sharpen your swords.  The wheel will turn.  Be ready.

this week

one card: most important thing

I’ve been brainstorming a daytrip to LA, so let’s pull a card or three for most important things.

Most important thing when planning: Three of Wands.

Nice.  If this isn’t a card for planning a trip, I don’t know what is.  This is telling me to take the long view; don’t decide on all the details just yet.  Stand back and survey all the options.

Most important thing when I actually go: Ten of Wands.

This card shows success, but unintended consequences.  This is reminding me that I’m going on a trip for fun, god damn it, so don’t take it too seriously.

Most important thing to get out of this trip: King of Swords.

Fuck yeah, master of air.  Air is my element, and one of the meanings it has for me is travel.  It’s important to me that I be comfortable traveling alone.  I don’t do that as much as I’d like to.

Wand-Wand-Sword suggests that if I put my creativity and excitement into this, I will get what I want out of it.

one card: most important thing

grandma | witchcraft | necromancy

Welp, I summoned my grandmother’s ghost last night.

I just love saying that.

My grandma died of cancer in 2010, and I was her live-in caregiver for the last eight months of her life.  It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.  She had undiagnosed anxiety problems– I’m not a doctor, but oh my god did she have anxiety problems— and had trouble seeing and hearing.  But she only needed a caregiver for company and cooking and cleaning; she was able to take care of herself almost to the end, and she died peacefully.

She wasn’t an easygoing person during her life.  As she got older, her only child, my dad, had his own host of issues and wasn’t really there for her.  My mom had always struggled to get along with her.  Basically, everyone left in her life was kindof tired of her.  Her husband died a few years before she did, and she had never lived alone.  I had the benefit of only really knowing her when I was a kid.  She was a sweet lady who made me scrambled eggs and tossed the eggshells over her shoulder into the sink to make me laugh.  She and grandpa took us to the arcade, to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, to Monterey; they had a hot tub in the backyard and would grill us the best hotdogs; they and got us Nintendo systems for Christmas.  She was basically a great grandma, so I was happy to be able to help her, and I had a lot of patience for her when nobody else did.

So that’s my grandma, and I summoned her ghost last night.

My lovers left me alone last night; I love having the house to myself, but it doesn’t happen unless I basically kick them out of their own home.  And one of the things I did was go outside with a long-stemmed match and my grandma’s Big Book.  I lit the match, held it high, and said her name and asked her to come sit with me.

I told her I missed her and I hope she’s doing well. I had the feeling she was finally able to relax. She had always been a homebody and wanted a lot of children, but doctors told her she never would. My dad was her “miracle baby” and I think that’s why she doted on us grandkids so much.

She loved to shop and have her things around her, and last night, I could imagine that she had a lovely home with family always coming in and out. I imagined her relaxed and calm and serene, not worried, not sad, and never lonely. And as she was a 30-year AA member, I could see that she’d achieved the serenity from the prayer.

So I asked her to help me learn that, and be able to be safe and comfortable and at peace in my home, wherever I am.


grandma | witchcraft | necromancy


ok ok ok ok ok


I just found something cool.

Maybe this is common knowledge for tarot people, I don’t know.  Even if it is, I still feel great for having noticed it on my own.

Get out your majors and put them in order.  (I did this with Rider-Waite-Smith.)  Pull the Fool and set her aside for now.

Now you’re going to look at them in pairs.  Put the one from the top of the deck (The Magician) next to the one from the bottom (The World).  That’s one pair.  It’s also somewhat obvious; the magician, full of youthful confidence while the world holds not one, but two wands, and holds them lightly, without flourishes.  Her power is evident; she doesn’t have anything to prove.

But I’m getting ahead of myself: Go to the next front and back card: High Priestess and judgment.

Etc, until they’re all paired up and justice is left.  Put it with the fool.  Now look at what you’ve got.


Look at that.

The high priestess, sitting quietly with her secrets; and the last judgment, where everything is revealed.

The emperor and the things that keep him up at night; his realm of order contrasted with the world of strange distubances.

The hierophant, sitting on a throne wearing trappings of authority while others come to him for knowledge; and the Star, sky-clad and pouring water freely with both hands.

You’ve probably noticed that The Lovers pair visually with The Devil.  But now you see the lovers falling from the tower.

The Devil, meanwhile, is with the Chariot, showing a warning to reign in your impulses and your freshly gained power, because you may head down the wrong path.

Strength and temperance.

The hermit, bowing his head, understanding and accepting that Death is inevitable.

The wheel of fortune, and the hanged man, victim of its turning.

And in the middle: justice, deciding what to do with this fool.


Nine of Wands

Oof, I am really out of the habit of writing every day.  Let’s get this show on the road.

Side notes: 1) new keyboard! I can type now! 2) Alternative Tarot Network rocks my socks.

Nine of Wands

This character is looking a little worried. She also has a bandage on her head? And she’s clinging to a wand, perhaps out of fear that someone will try to take it from her, or maybe she’s just gotten through one fight (hence the bandage) and is afraid there’s another one coming. Wands are for fire, but this card seems very airy to me– and not just because I keep mixing up wands/swords and fire/air!  The sky takes up the top three-quarters of the card, and there’s sky between the wands in the background.

All that, plus the nine indicating the last steps of a journey, indicates that yes, a creative project is nearing completion, or something you’re passionate about is working out.  But perhaps there’s one problem left to conquer: doubts that maybe this isn’t a justifiable passion, or worry that you won’t be able to rationalize your “fire” to someone.  Or maybe it’s just your brain getting in the way.

If I wanted to give someone advice based on this card, I might say to wrap it up!– it’s almost done!– don’t look back now!  It’s the wrong time to start wondering if this is really a good idea, because for goodness sake, you’re almost done.

Speaking of looking back, the character on the card is sortof wanting to glance over her shoulder, but her body is facing straight ahead, like she knows better.  This also says to banish those final doubts.

Nine of Wands